de Moanne

Cultural newsmagazine de Moanne wants to be an accessible contemporary periodical for and about culture in Fryslân. It aims to contribute to keeping Fryslân's culture and language alive without being subject to a specific (social) ideology.

de Moanne is not guided by requests of certain groups of people, but wants to be independent in its journalistic approach towards covering Fryslân's broad cultural life.

We live in a bilingual province nowadays and for that reason we want to offer a platform to people in Fryslân (or Frisians abroad) who want to write, either in Dutch or in Frisian, about a wide range of subjects, such as: architecture, expressive art, film, photography, youth and immigrant culture, music, history, literature and theatre with a connection to Fryslân.

The editorial staff will pay careful attention to the linguistic balance between Frisian and Dutch. We strive to publish as many Frisian contributions as possible.

The fact that de Moanne is a bilingual magazine is primarily caused by our freelance contributors and not so much because it is our readers' wish. de Moanne is focused on broadly interested readers, who have a keen interest in Fryslân's culture and literature, who read the Frisian language fluently or do not mind to put some effort into it, and who like in-depth writing.


More information needed? Just contact Ernst Bruinsma: e.bruinsma@afuk.nl
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