29 April-6 May: 'Limburgse waek' at MeM

22 April 2018

April 22-29: the 'Oaveriesselse weke' at MeM

20 April 2018

Kommendeweis / Wordt verwacht / To be expected 15–22 april: Zuid-Holland / 22–29 april: Overijssel / 29 april – 6 mei: Limburg / 6–13 mei: Drenthe / 13–20 mei: Brabant / 20–27 mei: Groningen / 27 mei – 3 juni: Zeeland / 3-10 juni: Stellingwerven / 10-17 juni: Ostfriesisches Platt / 17-24 juni: Iers-Gaelisch / 24 juni – 1 juli: Sorbisch / 1-8 juli: Baskisch / 8-15 juli: Manx / 15-22 juli: Maltees / 22-29 juli: Galisisch / 29 juli – 5 augustus: Cornisch / 5-12 augustus: Asturisch / 12-19 augustus: Friulisch / 19 augustus – 28 oktober: talen uit de stad Leeuwarden

April 15-22: 'Zuid-Hollááñse' week at MeM

13 April 2018

Afûk and Wikitongues Join Forces to Record Linguistic Diversity in the Language Pavilion

10 April 2018

Wikitongues, an organization working to collect video oral histories from languages around the world (the videos are available on their YouTube channel), partners with Afûk (Frisian Language organization) to document small languages during the European Capital of Culture 2018 Leeuwarden-Fryslân.

As part of the European Capital of Culture 2018 Leeuwarden-Fryslân, Afûk is coordinating the activities in Language Pavilion MeM. Starting on 30th March and until 28th October, language communities from around the world will take the central stage for a week and will share their language and culture. Music, poetry, storytelling and many other expressions can be found in MeM, where you will also have the possibility of enjoy food and drinks.

Since most of the languages invited to MeM are endangered and/or underdocumented (languages such as Bildts, Sorbian, Dutch Sign Language, Manx, Limburgish, Drèents or Cornish), Afûk and Wikitongues have started a partnership to try and record as many speakers of as many languages as possible.

Come by, tell us a bit about yourself in your own language and become part of this global network of language promoters!


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