The Tomke project startet in 1997 and would like pre-schoolers, their parents and educators to experience that the Frisian material offers young children in Fryslân a great deal of recognition in their own language.

The material is attractive, inviting and stimulating, something that is important or it won’t be used in an age with no shortage of attractive materials. We are also keen to have the books read to the children as this will benefit their language development. Recognition of the TV adventures, the stories and little poems on the calander, the stories from the Tomke book and the Tomke website act as encouragement.

Reading from the books in the Frisian language and the use of contemporary material creates a foundation for Frisian language use for young Frisian children and provides people with other languages with the opportunity to have contact with the Frisian language, the second national language in the Netherlands.

Visit de website www.tomke.nl or contact Lisa Boersma: l.boersma@afuk.nl or Tjitske van Dijk: tjitske.vandijk@afuk.nl for more information.
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