‘Leer je hond Fries’, Frisian version of ‘Teach your dog Welsh’ available

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4 October 2019
The Frisian version of the book 'Teach your dog Welsh' by Anne Cakebread is available now. Afûk contacted Anne Cakebread and her Welsh publisher Y Lolfa about the possibilities of a Frisian version 5 months ago. 'We liked the idea of learning basic Frisian by practising on your dog', says Mirjam Vellinga project leader of the language promotion campaign Praat mar Frysk. 'Next to that the illustrations of Anne Cakebread are great!' 'Afûk and Y Lolfa soon came to an agreement and the Frisian version was presented on World Animal Day in the bookshop of Afûk to Yuki, the dog of speed skating couple Jorrit and Heather Bergsma. Other dogs and dog owners were welcome to attend the presentation as well. All attendees went home with a doggy bag, with of course the book 'Leer je hond Fries' and a nice treat for the dog. Unfortunately the book is no longer available.