Tsead Bruinja, Poet Laureate of The Netherlands

Leisure Literature
18 January 2019
Afûk author Tsead Bruinja (1974), who used to live in Rinsumageast and now lives in Amsterdam, is the new Poet Laureate of The Netherlands. During the next two years he will write poems to accompany current affairs and act as poetry ambassador. Bruinja will follow up Naomi Perquin as Poet Laureate of The Netherlands. He has just been ‘Dongeradichter’, which means Poet of the municipality Dongeradiel, for two years. Bruinja has published twelve poetry collections since 2000, in Dutch as well as in Frisian. Through Afûk he published a.o. the poetry collections Stofsûgersjongers/Stofzuigerzangers (vacuum cleaner singers) and Hingje net alle klean op deselde kapstôk / Hang niet alle kleren aan dezelfde kapstok (Don’t put all your clothes on the same coat rack).