Insight into the psyche of the minority language speaker

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19 February 2020
From 6 to 8 February, the University of Valencia hosted training sessions about language assertiveness as part of the Erasmus + project LISTEN. The training sessions were given by prof. Ferran Suay.  The Afûk is a partner in this project and is currently preparing training sessions and workshops on this topic.

Annewiep Bloem and Mirjam Vellinga have followed the training. ‘It was very interesting’, says Mirjam Vellinga. ‘We have gained a lot of extra insight into the’ minority language speaker ‘psyche. Why does he switch to the majority language so quickly in certain situations? Why is it so difficult to have a bilingual conversation? And what kind of tools can we give the minority language speaker to use his language with more confidence?’
The new insights will be included in the Frisian training sessions that will start this year.


More info about the project: