Frisian plays an important role in the province. It is the first language of more than half of the province’s inhabitants and is used to the full in everyday life. Frisian is spoken in many places: in the supermarket, at schools, at the doctor’s surgery and at sports grounds; you’l l come across Frisian everywhere. It is the language of home and hearth – the language we use for laughter or for expressing our anger. It is the language that comes closest to our feelings – the language of the heart.

The past few decades have witnessed a considerable increase in the use of Frisian in a variety of spheres, such as education and healthcare. Frisians have fought to improve the status of Frisian, which has resulted today in substantial changes concerning attitudes to Frisian within Frisian society.

The Frisian language exists in a various forms of cultural expression, extending from books and films to theatre and music. Writers, directors, actors and musicians all use the Frisian language because it is integral to their identity and because they are better able to express themselves in their mother tongue. Moreover, its range of vowels makes Frisian well suited to singing. Increasingly, Frisian is also gaining ground in spheres such as the media, sport and the church.

Source: Taal fan it Hert

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