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Successful language assertiveness training held in Fryslân for the Listen Project.

The first language assertiveness training for trainers was held in Fryslân in the small village of Boksum in early July. Six participants from different backgrounds, in language teaching, communication, cultural anthropology and coaching, attended the training. They were given information about the structure of the linguistic assertiveness workshop itself and the theoretical background on what […]

Wikitongues launches new podcast: Speaking of Us

Speaking of Us explores what language teaches us about who we are and where we come from. Of the world’s 7,000 languages, only a handful are taught in schools or supported by mainstream technology, so Wikitongues helps people keep their languages alive. In this podcast, you’ll get to know people from every culture on Earth. […]

Free Frisian e-book for children about the Corona virus

‘Coronafirus, in boek foar bern’ is a free Frisian-language e-book about the coronavirus for children and their families. Medical experts, child psychologists and teachers provided information for this book. Through illustrations and situation sketches, children (age 5-10) learn what the coronavirus is, what happens to you when you catch the virus, whether there is already […]

New Language Gift when registering a birth

From this week on, parents will receive a new cheerful “Taalkado” (Language Gift) from the province of Fryslân if they register the birth of their newborn baby. Since 2008, the province of Fryslân has been issuing this gift, which was previously also referred to as “Taaltaske”. The Taalkado is full of fun and educational products […]

Insight into the psyche of the minority language speaker

From 6 to 8 February, the University of Valencia hosted training sessions about language assertiveness as part of the Erasmus + project LISTEN. The training sessions were given by prof. Ferran Suay.  The Afûk is a partner in this project and is currently preparing training sessions and workshops on this topic.

Project about European Charter Classroom Activities

The European Charter Classroom Activities (ECCA) is a NPLD-granted project led by the Comun General de Fascia (Province of Trento), which goal is to spread the knowledge about the European Charter or Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) through the production of different didactic tools. Thanks to the activities, teachers and students from different European regions […]