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NewsSpectrum Fellowship for minority-language media opens first call for applications

The International Press Institute (IPI) and MIDAS announced at April 12, the first call for applications for the NewsSpectrum Fellowship. The fellowship is open to journalists and other media professionals working for minority-language media in the EU (including Roma and migrant languages) and aims to encourage working partnerships between minority- and majority-language news outlets. Deadline […]

The Faroe Islands and Fryslân

This week, the Frisian publishing house Afûk and the Faroese publishing house Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags will publish two special books simultaneously. “De Beam” is the Frisian title of the original Faroese picture book TRÆIÐ, written and drawn by Bárður Oskarsson. “Tije – drongurin og rottumaðurin” is the Faroese title for the original Frisian reading book […]

Ground-breaking LISTEN project on language assertiveness launches new multilingual website

The Listen project on language assertiveness has launched a new multilingual website. The website gathers project information and news, as well as providing a platform for future project developments. One of the aims of the Listen project is to teach the concept of language assertiveness to speakers of co-official, endangered, indigenous, ‘regional’ and minority languages […]

Frisian artist Anne Feddema participates in Galway2020 project Óró

Writer Anne Feddema is participating in one of the projects of Galway, European Capital of Europe 2020. The play is called Óró. It’s Gaelic, but what does it mean? “It’s a cry, a kind of encouragement. It also features in a famous Irish rebel song,” Feddema explains. Wendy Kennedy spoke to Anne Feddema: “At the […]

Successful language assertiveness training held in Fryslân for the Listen Project.

The first language assertiveness training for trainers was held in Fryslân in the small village of Boksum in early July. Six participants from different backgrounds, in language teaching, communication, cultural anthropology and coaching, attended the training. They were given information about the structure of the linguistic assertiveness workshop itself and the theoretical background on what […]

Wikitongues launches new podcast: Speaking of Us

Speaking of Us explores what language teaches us about who we are and where we come from. Of the world’s 7,000 languages, only a handful are taught in schools or supported by mainstream technology, so Wikitongues helps people keep their languages alive. In this podcast, you’ll get to know people from every culture on Earth. […]