The largest province in the Netherlands (water surfaces included), Fryslân also has the most villages of any province and the tallest inhab-itants. Here is a land of open spaces, panoramic views, billowing sails and ancient little churches perched atop manmade mounds. But also appearing on its horizons are office towers, industrial parks and new housing estates.

Fryslân: both familiar and unique. But what really dif-ferentiates Fryslân from the rest of the Netherlands – and what both born and bred Frisians and more recently arrived newcomers are so proud of – is that Fryslân has its own language and culture: Frisian.

Practically all of its 642.000 inhabitants understand the language, and the vast majority speak Frisian in addition to Dutch. This means that you will encounter Frisian and use it everywhere in the province: at the baker’s, at the supermarket, at the library, at the doctor’s office, at school, at the card club, on the sports fields, on signs for cities and villages, in the media, in the theatre and at work.

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English language books about Frisian language, history and culture:
The story of Frisian in multilingual Friesland 
Frisian Grammar-The basics
De Friese Elfkerkentocht
A slow food guide to Friesland
Frisians of the Early Middle Ages

Taal fan it hert – Language of the heart
The booklet Taal fan it hert – Language of the heart tells the story of the position of the Frisian language. Apart from the booklet, there is also an app. In the ‘Taal fan it hert’-app (Language of the heart-app) you can find materials that complement the topics covered in the booklet. The app also contains a GPS walking tour through Leeuwarden. The route leads you past places and icons that are of great significance to the Frisian language. You can download the app ‘Taal fan it hert’ on your mobile phone through the App Store and Google Play.