The Afûk, which was founded in 1928, is the organisation in Fryslân that promotes the Frisian language and culture. In doing so it has an important role in the cultural network of Fryslân and works closely together with the Province of Fryslân to implement language and cultural policy in Fryslân.

The Afûk offers and developes Frisian language courses for adults, develops educational programmes, publishes (e)-books, apps and magazines in Frisian and about Fryslân for all ages and purposes, gives advice to companies and public organisations about language policy and creates and implements a range of projects concerning language promotion.

The Afûk also has strong links with Mercator European Research Centre on Mulitlingualism and Language Learning, the NPLD (Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity), an European wide network working in the field of language policy and planning and has a strong European network in the field of language promotion.
The Afûk is funded by the province of Friesland and several local governments.

Photo: Hoge Noorden / Jacob van Essen