Afûk is a member of the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD)

About Frisian
19 April 2019
The Afûk has this week been accepted as a member of the NPLD. Through this membership de Afûk is now connected with 41 other organisations that are active in the area of language promotion, language policy and language learning. Some of the members include Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Basque Country, Friuli, Finland, Catalonia, Sardinia, Macedonia and Bretagne. At the moment Sietske Poepjes is chair of the NPLD.

The main goal of the NPLD is to raise awareness at European level of the importance of language diversity. NPLD stimulates the sharing of knowledge and best practice between boards, policy makers, executives, scientists and experts from all over Europe through meetings and seminars.

“Thanks to this membership we have direct links with other language promoting organisations in Europe, we can exchange knowledge and work together in the field of language learning, language policy and promoting language”, says Mirjam Vellinga, project manager at the Afûk. “That will bring us more innovation and more financial possibilities, because we can apply for European programmes, like Creative Europe and Erasmus+. By combining forces we can also more easily promote the interests of minority languages and multilingualism and make sure that it is higher on the national and international agenda of governments and other organisations.“