Agenda overview

8 June 10 June

LISTEN Transnational partnermeeting in Fryslân

The third transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ LISTEN project about language assertiveness will be hosted by Afûk in Fryslân.

21 June 27 June

Old Frisian Summer School


The Old Frisian Summer School will be of interest to BA and MA students as well as PhD’s in the field of Old Germanic languages. The participants will learn to read and interpret Old Frisian texts and get a good grasp of its grammatical structures. There will be lectures about the various language shifts Frisian experienced over the medieval period when it gave way to Dutch or Low German in formerly Frisian-speaking areas. There will be due attention to the sociolinguistic processes which may have steered these phenomena.

The Old Frisian Summer School is organised by Groningen University in partnership with Oxford University and in co-operation with the Frisian Academy, Tresoar (the main Frisian archival and library institution) and the University of Amsterdam.

More info: University of Groningen.

9 August 14 August

AILA 2020 Conference

Language and education are an inextricable pair, yet for regional languages this is not as obvious as for national languages. Recent studies point to the decline of language use of regional languages, although ample evidence is provided of the advantages of multilingual education at home and in school, also when it concerns a standard language combined with a regional or minority language.

At AILA 2020 in Groningen, the Netherlands, this theme brings together case studies on regional language(s) in education, in order to learn of the do’s and don’ts to create support from governmental and educational authorities and civilians, to raise funding and to apply educational programs of high quality for regional languages.

More info: AILA2020